2018 Final Draft Rankings

2018 Final Draft Rankings

Forward Potentials:
Franchise Hall of Fame Center / Winger
Franchise Center / Winger
Elite Top Line Center / Winger
Top Line Center/ Winger
Top 6 Center / Winger
Middle 6 Center / Winger
Top 9 Center / Winger
Bottom 6 Center / Winger
4th Line Center / Winger
Fringe NHL Center / Winger
Top 6 AHL Center / Winger

Defense Potentials:
Franchise Hall of Fame Defenseman
Franchise Defenseman
Elite Top Pair Defenseman
Top Pair Defenseman
#3 Defenseman
Top 4 Defenseman
#5 Defenseman
Bottom Pairing Defenseman
Friege NHL Defenseman
Top Pair AHL Defenseman


1. D Rasmus Dahlin – Frolunda, SHL
Obviously the unanimous number one choice here, just the complete package, and guaranteed #1 defenseman. From the young age of 16 we could all see his offensive prowess and skill through many international tournaments and games. Playing in the Swedish top tier of hockey with guys double his age, some even old enough to be his dad, Rasmus showed not only his ability to dominate offensively through his incredible skating, slick hands, all seeing vision, and puck rushing skills, but also his solid defensive two way game which is an incredible asset. Having the best offensive skillset in the draft and still being known as a two-way defenseman speaks volumes to his defensive skill. He has very few flaws in his game, if you could even call them flaws. He needs to prove his slap shot from the point and add some velocity to it. His accuracy is very good and his wrist shot is nice, but some added power could work wonders. He also needs to add some muscle and weight, but that can be said for all teenagers in the draft. Not only will Dahlin be a staple on whatever team he joins off the bat, but he’ll bring some powerplay prowess spraying some fantastic passes and setting up great options for his teammates. He can’t be expected to log insane minutes in his first year, he’ll need to work on his strength and muscle mass before doing so. Don’t expect some McDavid level numbers on his first season, but he should contribute well. The left handed defenseman has the potential to be one of the greatest defenders this league has seen with his insane skill set. Another impressive facet of his skating game is how well he is at moving in all directions with fluidity, adapting to the situatuon at hand and cutting down the angles.
Potential: Franchise Hall of Fame Defenseman
Possibility: High

2. LW/RW Andrei Svechnikov – Barrie Colts, OHL
The dominant Russian winger, Andrei Svechnikov has all the tools to be an elite scoring winger at the highest level. His mixture of skill and size is nearly unstoppable at times. When he puts his head down and charges to the net, he’s almost undefendable with his soft set of hands and smarts. He will often pass up the puck for his teammates in better positions and has some great playmaking skill depsite scoring more goals than assists. Andrei is a very mature pro who has a very well rounded elite game and really loves to dominate. He needs to work on the velocity of his shot, however the accuracy is great. Once he fills into his bigger frame he should have some added power and a much more deadly shot. From what I’ve seen, Andrei has the great trait of being able to play extremely well with whatever teammates he plays with. Whether he’s working with a sniper, two-way forward, or playmaker, he has the knowledge to fit in well with whoever. Of anyone on your team rushing down the ice on a wing, you want it to be Svechnikov. He just has the perfect skillset for barraging defenses and powering towards goal. That style of play isn’t found as commonly in this day and age of the NHL anymore, but Svechnikov looks to bring it back and loves challenging defenders one on one. He also has some great hand eye coordination and has scored a fair few deflections or tips. He may be able to play in the NHL as soon as this year depending on how the offseason goes for him and how he’s evaluated. If Andrei can add some power to his shot and adapt to the NHL style of game against harder defense, he’ll be a top tier elite scoring threat for years to come. 
Projection: Franchise Top Line Winger / Elite Top Line Winger
Possibility: Likely / Medium

3. LW/RW Filip Zadina – Halifax Mooseheads, QMJHL
The versatile Czech winger is a goal hound that has a fantastic nose for the net. I’ve been incredibly high on Zadina for 10 months, and it’s because you can see this skill and potential ooze from watching him. The kid is on a mission to score a goal every time he steps on the ice, and once he scores one, he is never done. He plays like a goalscorer and lets everyone know. he may be a little bit selfish, but sometimes it’s a good thing. He is a proficient defender and showcases some deft skating skills and agility. His shot has a very good release and is one of the staples of his offensive flair. A tenacious puck chaser and hard working player, Zadina used his nifty set of hands and skill to finish 2nd in league goal scoring and boasts a great package that could challenge for a roster spot in the NHL this year. He can play both left and right wing well, but prefers the left side. As a 6’1 winger, Zadina is nearing 200 lbs already and has some decent strength which he uses to get into some dirty areas in front of the net. Whether Zadina arrives in the NHL this year or next year, he’ll no doubt put up some good numbers quickly and prove himself as an offensive threat right away.
Projection: Elite Top Line Winger
Possibility: Medium

4. D Quinn Hughes – Michigan, NCAA
The American offensive defenseman has an incredible skating ability and handles the puck with elegance. His breakout and skill is amazing to watch, just imagining him in the NHL doing such things can make scouts wet their pants. He also has some defensive worries, but his skating skill and potential is very high and he has the tools to defend well enough to stick around. His amazing vision and creativity really sets his game apart from other defenders in the draft and catches lots of attention. He’s always looking to quickly gather the puck out and break out of his zone as fast as he can to catch the opposition off guard and sometimes uses it as a good opportunity to flip breakout passes and creative dishes to his teammates. Hopefully he can add some muscles mass and strength to his game as well as another inch or two of height which could do him wonders. One of the best assets to his game is his smart decision making. He chooses the best time to make his passes and when to rush up the ice with urgency. Quinn is the first of 3 brothers to be drafted and was born into a very talented hockey family. I could see Quinn taking a year or two before being ready for the NHL, but his skating prowess could be very helpful when landing with a big league team.
Projection: Top Pair Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

5. RW Oliver Wahlstrom – USNTDP
“The American Sniper” Oliver Wahlstrom follows the top 3 with a cannon of a shot and a great release which reminds me of Brock Boeser. He has an uncanny ability to pick the corners of the goal from anywhere and can rip the pick with the best of them. Oliver has worked on his muscle mass and gained some much needed weight (and maybe lost a bit of speed), but the gain of weight has really helped his net-front presence and made him a much dangerous scorer. He’s a lot harder to move and can contribute from the center of the ice as well. Oliver is a balanced skater, but lacks some speed and movement (Another area which I find Boeser in his game). He needs to utilize some power skating coaches and get some speed into his game to pair well with his dazzling hands. Wahlstrom won’t likely be ready to play in the NHL yet, but he’s got a package of skill that will succeed, it’s only a matter of time. Because of his net-front presence and sniping capabilities, Wahlstrom will be a high end power play specialist if he develops properly and should hop right into the NHL with some bullet shots and turn a few heads.
Projection: Top Line Winger
Possibility: Medium

6. D Adam Boqvist – Almtuna IS, Allsvenskan
The Swedish defenseman has had a rough year, but the potential is no doubt on display. I think playing in the SHL was a detriment to his progression and ranking this year and unfortunately has had some people lose faith in him, especially in his defenisve capabilites. He’s not a strong defender, but putting a player who’s a little small and soft in the top tier of men’s hockey in Sweden wasn’t the best choice. He’s an electric offensive player, using his fantastic vision and slick hands to dominate the play and charge up the ice. His injury has another unfortunate road block in his draft year, but he showed up well at international tournaments specifically the World Juniors and the recent International Juniors where he went PPG in both. Adam has some defensive issues, that’s for sure, but skates well and cuts off lanes and angles well. He works well in the neutral zone and his hockey IQ has vastly improved, expecially reading plays and predicting outcomes. Adam really needs to work on closing in on defender properly and using his agile skating in the proper ways to defend properly as he often seems caught off guard. He’ll be viewed as a high risk high reward pick for his defensive worries, but if his defense pans out, he’ll be a top line player. We already know his offense is there, and he draws comparisons to Erik Karlsson. He’ll probably be 2 years away from the NHL, and could be viewed as a “bust” early on as most anxious fans do when a player doesn’t immediately transition to the NHL, however Boqvist needs some tender development and some time to work on his defensive game in situations that could help him. You could see him in the AHL at some point in time, developing and learning with the help of the organizations coaches. I can’t stress it enough that he can’t be rushed to the NHL, which could cause him to be ruined. His offensive game is incredible, and could be gamechanging for a team if he’s procured properly. 
Projection: Top Pair Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

7. RW Vitali Kravtsov – Traktor Chelyabinsk, KHL
The slick Russian winger has a powerful game and commands the game already at 18. Vitali can play up and down the lineup well and obtains a solid 6’2 frame which works well with his two way game. Very good at cutting off lanes and forcing people around on the defensive end, Vitali has a soft pair of hands well and isn’t afraid to play a hard working and gritty style. He boasts some great stamina and plays a very smart game. He has a nice accurate shot and can pop a few goals in on any good day as he’s proved already in the KHL, one of the toughest leagues in the world, in the playoffs no less. Vitali is the 3rd most NHL ready player in the draft behind Dahlin and Svechnikov and could have played in the NHL next year had he not signed another year in the KHL, which could be a good thing. I’m expecting an Eeli Tolvanen type year from Vitali next year as he asserts himself as one of the best players from this draft class. He could use a little more power on his wrist shot as well as as a little bit more effort getting back to help on defense, but all in all, Kravtsov is a very well rounded winger who easily projects as a top 6 winger.
Projection: Mid/Low End Top Line Winger
Possibility: Likely

8. D Evan Bouchard – London Knights, OHL
Evan is a great puck moving defenseman who chips in well offensively, and is defensively sound. He can read the game extremely well and has shown some great offensive instincts and awareness. He has a nice ability to pass the puck at the right time, and has found himself with 62 assists this year as a result. Bouchard can skate in all four directions with ease and is one of the smartest players in the draft class. He makes great decisions and uses his deceptive shot from the point to fool goalies or set up a screen/tip play in front of the net. He works very hard and plays with a high compete level, challenging other players around him to step up. He has some good leadership qualities and has captained London this year in his third year with the team. He plays the game with ease and has a very nice all around game with little flaws. He’s around a year away from the NHL, and has the tools to be a safe player who can chip in with a bit of quality offensive upside. He needs to work on his slap shot a little bit and doesn’t have many amazing talents.
Projection: Top Pair Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

9. C Jesperi Kotkaniemi – Assat, Liiga
Jesperi has always had my interest, ever since the spring of 2017, he’s shown his potential. Coming into the Liiga, he had lots of expectations placed on his shoulders, and he played quite well with some decent minutes and had a very respectable first season in the top tier Finnish men’s league. Jesperi is a very good all around skater with multiple strengths and skills. He has a very underrated and powerful wrist shot which often catches goalies off guard. It’s my favourite facet of his game because he plays a solid two way game, using his long reach to disrupt pucks and sprays pucks around to his teammates, so you don’t expect much and then all of a sudden he rips a wrist shot top corner. He has great vision and and hockey IQ to see the ice well around him and can predict most plays beautifully. He’s easily the best forward available in the draft for me, and should prove it next year as he dominates in the Liiga after getting the hang of it this past year. His creativity and stickhandling are just bonuses to his raw, Barkov style of play.
Projection: Top Line Center / 2nd Line Center
Possibility: Likely

10. D Noah Dobson – Acadie-Bathurst Titan, QMJHL
Noah is a big 6’3 two way defenseman who is a very mobile guy for his size and shows good edgework, however he needs to work on his gap closure, as it could be a slaw at the NHL level if not fixed. He has a very strong sense of awareness which he uses to read and react to plays with great effectiveness. Noah boasts a very solid slap shot from the point and showcases a soft pair of hands which he uses on occasion to break out of the zone and push the pace of the game. A very solid defender, Noah has the best defensive positioning in the class and knows exactly where to be at the right time. Noah can also log a lot of minutes and contribute on special teams well. He is a very consistent player who brings a steady flow of play every time he steps on to the ice, you can always count on Dobson to have a solid game. I really like his style of play, and he went point per game in the QMJHL this year, showing that he can produce offense too which was a slight concern from a broad perspective.
Projection: #2/3 Defenseman
Possibility: High

11. LW Brady Tkachuk – Boston University, NCAA
Brady is a hard-nosed two way player who excels with great players around him, like when he shined with Casey Mittlestadt at the World Juniors. He plays a large game, according to his size as a power forward, however he isn’t a high skill player, in fact a less skileld version of his brother. He plays a very smart game however, getting in passing lanes, breaking up plays, and crashes the crease. Brady plays a complete 200 foot game and really utilizes his body. He is good at setting up his teammates and generating looks, but struggles to score the puck with a weaker shot that needs work. I’m generally hard on Brady because I feel he gets way too much hype due to his family name and the success of his brother, however he obviously has a future in the NHL and is a safe bet to play in the NHL for a while with his build and style of play. He has a tendancy to take penalties and sometimes goes overboard but isn’t afraid to step up for his teammates and get dirty for the good of the team. I’m generally down on Brady, but I can’t deny the work ethic and grit. For people that hope to get a center out of Tkachuk, don’t hope too much, I don’t see a future of him playing down the middle for an NHL team.
Projection: Top 6 Winger 
Possibility: High

12. RW Martin Kaut – Dynamo Pardubice, Czech
Martin is a very good all around top 6 winger who works very hard and showcases a solid backcheck and defensive game. You can always count on Martin to show up when he’s needed, getting in the dirty areas, a real work horse. A very good power play talent, sneaking in off the right side and using his strong shot to fool goalies or fake and set up his teammates. He’s a very strong playmaker who can dish out passes to his teammates and has a strong hockey IQ and vision combination. When he’s churning up the wing you can see the gears turning in his brain and his decision thought process of how he wants the play to turn out. He’s an all around winger that doesn’t really have too many flaws. He can pass, he can shoot, he can skate, he can defend. My only real critique is that he doesn’t have a gamebreaking talent, he’s good at everything. He has the compete level and stamina to bring it every night. I can see Kaut being a year or two away from the NHL, but he’s better off to develop some of his talents a little farther and try to develop an elite talent.
Projection: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Likely

13. D Bode Wilde – USNTDP
The large, mobile defenseman with a big shot has a decent upside and can contribute from the point well. He’s quite a good skater and has even used some speed on a rush to take the puck to the net. Wilde does take a lot of risks which can allow for turnovers and odd man rushes that turn into goals, so a big learning point for Bode will be to decide when to use his offensive capabilites and when to hold back and defend. If he masters this, he could be on of the best players in the draft with star offensive potential. His transitions and passes are almost always on point, you can depend on him to pick out a nice cross ice pass or transition into the neutral zone safely. He’s not a brute, but he doesn’t shy away from physical contact, using his strength in the corners and dirty areas to win the puck and get clear. Wilde uses his active stick and closes lanes off well to disrupt rushes and help out his team defensively. If Bode figures this out, I honestly think he could be a top pair defenseman.
Projection: Top Pair Defenseman / #3 Defenseman

14. C Rasmus Kupari – Karpat, Liiga
Rasmus Kupari is a raw offensive minded center who had a few struggles this year adjusting to the Liiga. He started off the year very strong with a great performance at the Hlinka to catch the attention of many who haven’t seen much of him before. Kupari showcases his great balanced skater and quick agile turns when beating defenders. He also uses a soft pair of hands and dekes that he utilizes to get to the front of the net and score. Rasmus is slowly gaining traction on his faceoff game which started off slow but got better near the end of the season. He has a few issues defensively however than raise an eyebrow, however they are fixable. He’ll often be slow backchecking or show less effort and conserve energy for the attacking side of the game. Kupari can use his great vision to pick out a perfect pass after bursting through a group of defenders in a high skill play. I thoroughly expect Rasmus to have a huge breakout year next year in the Liiga and show his offensive potential to a large capacity.
Potential: Top Line Center / Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlinkely

15. D Ryan Merkley – Guelph Storm, OHL
But Merkley has those attitude issues! Merkley doesn’t know what defense is! I don’t wanna hear it! At the draft combine, Merkley interviewed very well and seemed thankful for teams giving him a shot. He talked about being accountable on learning and improving his defense, and frankly, I buy it. he knows what he has to do to become an elite hockey player and he has the talent to do so. Who cares if he had a run in with a coach as a kid, he was too young to know the weight of his decisions and that is in the past. He is one of the most talented players in the draft offensively, however most know about his defensive deficiencies. He’s done some incredible things and put up some incredible point totals with his amazing offensive capabilities, however he has the defensive issues that are tooted aroudn when talkign about Merkley. There’s always one of these players every few years. He reminds me of Oliver Kylington from 2015, but more offensively talented. He needs to put the pieces together in order to become a dynamic, top pairing defenseman. Merkley can QB a powerplay like no other using his elite skating, fantastic offensive instincts, and passing ability. He has some great vision and is fantastic in transition. As far as his defense goes, he often makes silly decisions, getting caught way up the ice and creating odd man rushes for the other teams. He needs to put on some muscle to help his physicality which is not very good. Merkley could be a fair few years away from the NHL, I’ll guess 3.
Potential: Elite Top Pair Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

16. D Ty Smith – Spokane Chiefs, WHL
Ty Smith is a very tidy two way defender who’s primary strength is his solid defensive game. He’s a very responsible and smart defender who has some very good skating. He has some of the best hockey IQ in the class and really knows how to play the game to his strengths. He really does remind me of Duncan Keith with his smart and no nonsense style of defending. He doesn’t have the best offensive skill as a defender, and probably the lowest of the top 15, but he has some very good vision and breakout passes. He can rack up assists with some saucer passes and tape to tape passes that are very accurate. He improved his shot this year and he repaed the benifits with some more goals, but he won’t be a big boomer from the point. Hopefully he has a few more inches to grow, as he’s a little undersized, but looks like he has a bit of room to grow. As far as his projected timeline to the NHL, he should be probably 2 years away from making an impact and stepping in. In the meantime, hopefully he puts on some muscle mass to deal with some bigger defenders and develops his slap shot from the point.
Projection: #3 Defenseman
Possibility: High

17. LW Joel Farabee – USNTDP
Joel Farabee is a very hard working, high energy winger who plays a very smart game. He is a fast skater who uses his hockey IQ to make smart plays and hustles to get involved in plays. He doesn’t have explosive acceleration and could really use it to add another element to his game that would really help him out. He has a slightly above average shot and some decent playmaking abilites. He seems like he needs a few years of development before making his way to the NHL, though it really depends how long it takes him to perfect his skating, and surely some power skating training will do wonders for him. He seems a little easier to project than most for me as a top 6 winger as long as he develops the way he’s been trending. He doesn’t really have can’t miss skill oozing out of him, but he’s got a good work ethic and a motor that keeps him going.
Projection: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

18. D K’Andre Miller – USNTDP
K’Andre is a very raw offensively talented defender. Playing as a defending since a child, he really has a unique offensive skillset that is rarely seen from the back end. He picked up the defensive side of the game quite well considering he was a forward through most of his youth. He’s developed his offensive talents incredibly well and has really shone down in the USNDP honing his skills. I’m interested to see how K’Andre will do in the NCAA next year with Wisconsin, implimenting his offensively faceted game to a high level of play in the college game. Miller has a very nice 6’4 frame which he uses to interrupt passes and stop the flow of play. He can move from side to side quite well and has a cannon of a slap shot which can be utilizied in many scenarios. He’s a very good powerplay contributor and should be a staple on any team’s unit. Miller is going to be at least another 2 years away from the NHL, as he needs to really work on a few key aspects of his defensive game. He’s adapted very well to defense and has a very good potential considering he hasn’t been working on his defense as a kid, now he can really work on it. He’s also a great passer of the puck, breaking out of his zone and finding the open teammate, threading passes across the ice to speeding players. He may have one of the best active sticks in the class with his long reach.
Potential: Top Pair Defenseman / Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

19. LW Dominik Bokk – Vaxjo Lakers, SHL
Dominik Bokk has a very raw package of skill that consists of a few high level skills. He loves to challenge defenders one on one and prefers to skate at defenders, trying to beat them with his nimble set of quick hands, deftly moving the puck and setting up teammates with the looks that he creates by beating defenders and drawing them away. He has a nice wrist shot that he uses often to beat goalies on breakaways or off of the wing from quick feeds on one timers. He has some nice vision off the wing and will often set up teammates with creative passes. Dominik has an elite offensive skilslet that could see him as a high end winger in the NHL in due time, but he does need to work on his skating. He doesn’t have very high top end speed and his edges need a bit of work, but it’s fixable for sure. With a bit of skating rejuvenation, Bokk could become a very high threat at the NHL level, as he’s already shown playing in the Swedish top tier with men. In the SuperElit, he was well over a point per game and showed extreme promise.
Projection: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

20. C Ty Dellandrea – Flint Firebirds, OHL
Ty Dellandrea is one of my favourite players in the draft. The two way center has had another solid season with the Flint Firebirds as he put up nearly a point per game, finishing second in scoring on one of the worst teams in the league. Ty brings a good mix of size and skill, carrying a good 6’1 frame with a respectable 190 lb weight to him. He’s a great skater, who’s explosiveness can catch defenders off guard as he bursts off with speed. Dellandrea carries a great deal of potential and could be ready for the NHL faster than expected, not to mention he’s one of the younger players in the draft. Dellandrea protects the puck very well and does a good job of using his size to hold off defenders while he carries the puck to the net in a Bo Horvat esque style. His offensive instincts and passing are very impressive, as well as his compete level which is very high. He also has some great vision on the ice.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Likely

21. C Joe Veleno – Drummondville Voltigeurs, QMJHL
Joe Veleno is a real hardnosed two-way center. He brings a hard-working defensive aspect of the game in a style comparable to Ryan Kesler. He has a very high IQ and vision package that allows him to thread nice passes to his wingers in key positions. After underwhelming since his exemptional status tag, Joe had dropped from everyone’s top 5 down into the mid 1st round, some even sliding him later. He started off the season real slow and struggled to score goals as he primarily sets them up. As he went on Joe picked up the pace with his new team after getting moved at the trade deadline. One of Veleno’s best assets is his silky smooth and powerful skating which doesn’t seem to have many flaws. He looks very good on the ice and doesn’t seem like he will have a hard time transitioning to the NHL at all.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: High

22. C/RW Jonatan Berggren – Skellefteå AIK, SHL
The Swedish speedster uses his elite combination of speed, hands, and a nice wrist shot that really catches your eye. He carries a skill package that you could easily see in a top line role at the NHL. After lighting up the SuperElit, Berggren moved to the SHL for the final 10 games of the regular season with Skelleftea AIK and notched and assist in one of his two playoff games. Berggren has proven his offensive skill this year and looks to break out in the SHL next year. He’s an agile skater who uses his hands and speed to beat defenders with quick turns and sharp moves. Despite being 5’10, Berggren actually plays a tough game. He’s quite strong for his size and plays and isn’t afraid to take a hit or take some physical punishment. Berggren also has a great eye for a pass and is an even better playmaker. Defensively, Jonatan uses his speed and smarts to support the defense and hustles back to read the play using his vision for the unfolding play. He shows strong quickness and positioning as well. He’s played center and right wing this year, but with his style of play, it most certainly will translate to the wing, and that’s where I project him at the NHL level. he could build on his muscle mass a bit and work on the velocity of his shot, but other than that doesn’t really have any glaring weaknesses.
Potential: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

23. LW/RW Grigori Denisenko – Lokomotiv Yaroslav, KHL
The Russian winger has a speedy and raw skillset that showcases a nice mix of speed, silky hands, and vision. He played very well for the Russian national team and Lokomotiv in the MHL this year, adding to his draft stock across the year. A small worry is Grigori’s translation to the smaller ice and professional game in the NHL. He has an average shot, nothing too special, but his passing is one of the best parts of his game. A signature play of Denisenko’s would be a rush down the wing, beating defenders with his speed and variety of dekes, then flipping the puck off to a streaking teammates who buries the puck. With the right sniper or goal hound on his line, Denisenko could be a very useful top line player, think Ondrej Palat or better. Denisenko tends to overplay the puck at times, and also has a history of taking a few stupid penalties when rattled. He needs to work on his discipline for sure.
Potential: Top Line Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

24. D Calen Addison – Lethbridge Hurricanes, WHL
The slightly undersized Canadian defenseman has always caught my eye this year. Starting with the Hlinka tournament where he lead the stacked defense in points over players like Smith, Bouchard, Merkley, etc., Addison had always impressed me during viewings. I can see him growing another inch or two for sure and he’ll need to gain some muscle mass, but the offensive defenseman has a good deal of potential. Calen is a great skater who transitions the puck very smoothly with great speed. He doesn’t take very many risks and is safe with the puck. Addison is a strong competitor with a great work ethic who is a great passer, but he excels the most creating plays in the offensive end and making transition offense magic on the fly. Calen can QB the powerplay and has a decent shot that could gain some velocity. Obviously Calen is a little on the small side, but I believe he has the tool box to adjust well to the NHL.
Potential: #3 Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

25. RW/C Akil Thomas – Niagara IceDogs, OHL
The sniping swiss-army knife center Akil Thomas has a laser shot and loves to set up on the power-play. He plays center in the OHL but he projects to end up on the wing in the NHL when he gets there. He plays in every situation, whether it be a power play, penalty kill, overtime, shootout, or any scenario, Akil is always relied upon and usually comes through when trusted. Thomas is an elusive skater who uses tricky and shifty movements to defenders lining up for a hit or trying to strip him of the puck. He has a good top end speed when skating and has some decent explosiveness. He’s an excellent stickhandler, using his soft hands in combination with his skating to beat defenders, as well as using his strong Hockey IQ to predict how the play will unfold and adjusts accordingly.
Potential: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

26. C Barrett Hayton – Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, OHL
Hayton is a slick skating, two way center who boasts a soft pair of hands and nice shot & release. A great 200 foot player who can play in all situations. Hayton shows close resemblance to Bruins star Patrice Bergeron with his two-way, Selke style of play. He doesn’t have the potential of Bergeron, so the comparison is only stylistic, however Hayton is considered as a two way center with good offensive abilities. Not a lot of flash or elite talent in his game that catches your eye, but he gets the job done, I would say he’s a safe bet to be a Middle 6 center, with a bit of room for the ceiling above. He’ll most likely get selected way above where I have him ranked, and could debut in the NHL within a year, however I have a feeling that he’ll top out at a low end 2nd line/ high end 3rd line center. He has the IQ and smarts to succeed and utilize at the NHL level.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Medium

27. C Liam Foudy – London Knights, OHL
I’ve been calling it for a while, Liam Foudy will be one of the biggest risers come draft time, and I wouldn’t even be shocked to hear his name in the first round. The speedy center had been bogged down in the bottom six of London for too long. After some trades, he found himself in a top six role and a chance to show his real potential. His production jumped and he showcased his wheels on multiple occasions. One of the fastest player in the draft, Foudy uses that speed to rush defenders and create plays. He’s a creative guy who is a great puck handler at speed making for a deadly combination. He’s such a dangerous player one on one and can really make you look silly as a defender if you reach or bite. His puck posession is also very impressive and is quite underrated, he’s hard to get off the puck with his speed. His shot is quite good and he almost always seems to pick a corner with velocity when given the time and space to unload. Obviouisly he needs to gain some strength and muscle mass to help him in puck battles. He also needs to work on his consistency which really shone through in the OHL playoffs with a few dissapointing performances under the big lights. Foudy is probably a good 3 years away from the NHL and his sucsess depends all on how well he can develop onto his speed and poise.
Potential: Top Line Center / Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

28. RW Serron Noel – Oshawa Generals, OHL
The large sniper Serron Noel has a dynamic and powerful skillset off of the wing. The 6’5, 200 pound winger showcases an NHL ready shot that he uses to beat goalies after powering down the wing. Coming into the season, Serron Noel didn’t have much relelvance in my first round because his skating was very weak and slow. However, going through this season, Noel made massive “strides” (ba dum tss) in his skating and has really turned it on. He’s a real big force in front of the net and uses his size to intimidate defenders when parked in front of the net. My biggest concern with Serron is how he just seems to dissapear at points in the game. He generates under 2 shots per game and scored 28 goals on just over 100 shots which is not very good for a sniping winger. He’s got the tools to be a top 6 winger, and maybe even a top liner, but he needs to find a way to stay relevant in the game and not just dissapear for periods at a time.
Potential: Top Line Winger / Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Low

29. D Jonathan Tychonick – Penticton Vees, BCHL
Tychonick is a fluid two way defender who is proficient and sound on both ends of the ice as he showed in a solid season in the BCHL. Puck moving defenseman who uses his great skating ability to run the show and feed passes to his teammates. A steady defender who makes his teammates look good with smart decisions and limited errors. Also a great offensive player, loves to jump into the rush with his fast skating and uses his great edgework to burst past the opposition, setting up offensive chances or initiating a rush with his team. Jonathan will be moving to the NCAA next year and will be one to watch as he transitions to a harder league. If he can translate his slick skating and offensive attacking style, he can really be a steal anywhere outside of the first round.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman 
Possibility: Likely

30. C Alexander Khovanov – Moncton Wildcats, QMJHL
Alexander has some big offensive potential and has some of the best offensive awareness in the draft class. He’s extremely underrated this year and is no doubt a mid 1st talent. However he was out most of the year with Hep-A and rushed back to try to salvage his ranking. Khovanov is that one guy that you see make crazy plays look simple and leave you wondering how he does it so flawlessly. A pass first player who enjoys setting up his teammates and is just as happy with an assist as he is with a goal. He finished with 28 points in 29 games which is very impressive considering he was thrown right back in. He’s a great powerplay mainstay who uses his smart play and great vision to thread passes through trafic to his teammates. A great puck carrier, however he needs to work on his footspeed which sometimes looks sluggish when entering the zone or leading a rush, however he holds some great offensive potential and is a responsible defender on the backcheck.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

31. C Isac Lundestrom – Luleå HF, SHL
The Swedish two-way center has a very sound defensive game with some offensive skill tucked in as well. He doesn’t have too much high end skill, but he gets the job done and skates well. He needs to put on some strength to learn to outmuscle players, an area where he currently struggles, as well as learning to shoot the puck more considering he has a decent shot. He tends to pass the puck in decent opportunities to shoot and needs to be a little more selfish. Lundestrom is almost NHL ready, but will take at least one more year to develop in the SHL, maybe two. Lundestrom battles hard and comes back with urgency on backchecks to help out his team as a loyal defender. He’s got a knack for creating turnovers and disrupting lanes using his active stick and hockey IQ to successfully predict where the play will unfold. Isac is good at taking the puck to the net and has a good release on his shot which can fool goalies if used in the right circumstances.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: High

32. D Rasmus Sandin – Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, OHL
The Swede Rasmus Sandin plays a solid two way game from the defensive end which features a strong variety of shots from the point and a very smart game using his great hockey IQ. Rasmus is a very poised player who stays calm and makes the right plays at the right time. He’s got great vision and will often thread a long pass or find the open man on the boards. When the option isn’t there, Sandin will calmly reset and find a new option. He will sometimes sneak down into the offensive zone and throw out a sneaky shot that can fool goalies. Sandin is a physical player who isn’t afraid to use his body and has great positioning to cut away lanes and set up to guard his net. He shows good gap control and isn’t afraid to dole out some hits when need be. Sandin will need at least 2 years of growing in the SHL where he transitions to next year with Rogle.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Medium

33. D Nils Lundqvist – Luleå HF, SHL
The puck moving Swedeplays a two-way game that features some nice offensive abilities that include a good set of hands and a great transition rushing style that utilizies his fast and smooth skating style. Lundkvist has a good wrist shot with a bit of power, but his slap shot leaves a bit to be desired, however he is quite a better passer than he is a shooter. He threads different passes to teammates and chooses the right moment to do so. Nils is adding strength to his game, but you can see that he still needs more to be effective on the defensive end of the game with his slightly small size. Nils is a good positional defender who uses his quick stick to poke pucks away from attackers and utilizes his speed to transition them out of his own zone as efficiently as he can. Lundkvist is probably a good 2/3 years away from the NHL, but has some decent potential as a Top 4 D in the league, even discouting some struggles late in the year.
Potential: Top 4 D
Possibility: Unlikely

34. D Alexander Alexeyev – Red Deer Rebels, WHL
The big bodied russian defenseman is a jack of all trades type defender who is proficient at most everything, however he needs to gain some elite skills to distinguish himself from any other ordinary middle pairing defender. The 6’3 Russian man uses his body to make hits and uses his size very well. Alexeyev has a very strong sense of awareness and reads the developing play in front of him well as well as distributing the puck flawlessly. The balanced defenseman has a very active stick that he uses to disrupt lanes and poke loose pucks. Alexeyev is a fairly low risk player who projects to be a Top 4 defenseman with not much of a bust factor or ceiling, however teams will be interested in his steady play and will be a tantalizing option around the late 1st. Alexeyev can also skate very well for a big guy and is rarely caught off guard when skating or tracking back.
Potential: Top 4 D / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: High

35. RW Niklas Nordgren – HIFK, Liiga
The finnish goal hound Niklas Nordgren has a unique goal scoring skillset that could translate to the NHL. Being a smaller 5’10 and sub 170 lb winger, Nordgren really leans on his soft hands and speed to beat defenders and get into optimal positions to score. He’s recently played well at the international level and has showed his scoring prowess. He has a strong hockey IQ that he uses to find open ice and pockets to sit in and wait for passes in the slot. He scored 8 goals to lead the U18 World Juniors and displayed his world class vision through out the year. A tough competer, Nordgren gives his all and doesn’t have too many deficiences besides being small and weaker. He needs to gain some muscle mass to gain strength and help his maintain the puck oin his stick to avoid being outmuscled by bigger and stronger players around him.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

36. D Matthias Samuelsson – USNTDP
The safe American defenseman Matthias Samuelsson has a large 6’4 frame and an NHL ready body which he usses effectively, taking calculated risks in whatever he does. He looks a lot closer to NHL play than other and plays a very strong defensive game. Samuelsson racked up over 100 penalty minutes so his discipline could be improved, but he brings a valuable physical presence to any team he plays on and skates very well and balanced for a 220 lb big man. He utilizes his size well in defensive situations and along the boards, as well as blocking shots in front of the net. He needs to develop his offensive game and add some zest into it, as well as improve his skating some more to make him a nightmare to play against. He’s already feared by forwards, I know I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a 6’4 220 pound kid skating into you at full force.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman 
Possibility: High / Likely

37. LW/C Blake McLaughlin – Chicago Steel, USHL
The solid American Blake McLaughlin put up nearly a point per game in the USHL this year, using his skillful toolbox. He has a very nice wrist shot with a good release and power. Blake has some great vision and IQ, picking out nice passes and scoring his fair share of goals in a nice balance. He’s going the NCAA route and will be quite a few years away but good develop super nicely over there. He doesn’t like to take defenders on one on one scenarios, preffering to pass around them because he doesn’t have the greatest set of hands and stickhandling skill, but that can always be improved. He needs to work on his strength and gain some muscle mass to ward off strong defenders who can push him off the pick and repossess. He’s good at causing disruptions and turnovers in the defensive end as well as liably back-checking to help his team.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

38. C Jake Wise – USNTDP
Jake is a crafty, speedy center who has some of the best hands in the draft class. His puck control is amazing and he stickhandles with ease. He’s a great passer and playmaker, for sure a pass first guy. He’s very “wise”, using good hockey IQ to watch the developing play and act accordingly. He has an accurate shot with a good release, but his power leaves a bit to be desired. Being a smaller player, size is a small problem, and he needs to gain some strength to win battles on the boards and in the goal mouth. Wise is a hard working player and you almost never see him standing still, he’s always skating somewhere, doing something. He’s a persistent back checker and uses his vision to read plays and break them up when he can. He needs to mix things up sometimes because defenders will catch on seeing the same move on the rush three times an a row and he will get stripped of the puck, hopefully he can engineer a little more and add some more creativity to his game as he starts his NCAA career.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Potential: Medium / Unlikely

39. LW/C Filip Hallander – Timrå IK, SHL
Hallander is a nice, get-it-done type two way center from Timra in the second tier of Swedish Men’s Hockey. Filip is a great skater with a long and powerful stride, using it to power through with the puck and gain seperation. He’s an agile and balanced skater, however he could stand to improve his first few steps. Hallander has a nice wrister with some good power, although he could work on his release. He’s got some soft ands and good passing skill to go along with some good hockey IQ. Hallander plays a very simple game and prefers to play a safe and dummed down game, not over-extending or going for top plays. Hallander is a very hard working defensive player who back-checks hard and will battle as well as collect turnovers to help his team. Hallander should be around 2-3 years away from NHL play, but his strong work ethic should be useful and he should see himself as a safe 3rd line center or winger depending on how he progresses. It’s worth noting that two months before the combine, Hallander was listed at 5’11, but at the combine, Hallander clocked in at 6’2, a three inch jump!
Potential: Top 6 Center / Winger / Middle 6 Center/ Winger 
Possibility: Likely

40. D Jett Woo – Moose Jaw Warriors, WHL
Jett is someone who has been dropped by most way farther he should be. Woo not only holds a legendary hockey name, but a great defensive skillset which reminds me of Marc Eduard Vlasic. He combines his great skating with solid positioning and makes the defensive game look easy. He can hop into the rush with the play but needs to time it better and is sometimes late or too early. He missed some time at Moose Jaw this year with some upper body issues (which won’t be an issue later) and assumed his position playing in the top 4. He plays somewhat of a meat and potatoes game and already has an NHL ready physique. One of those underrated players you’d love on your team, filling the gaps on your defense and positioning himself in a way to cut off attackers and start up an offensifve rush.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: High

41. C Jacob Olofsson – Timra, Allsvenskan
The 6’2 Swede has a nice frame and showcases some good stickhandling in his two way game. He’s got some good speed to match with good acceleration that makes his a good skater. He’s a little more defensively oriented than offensively, but he isn’t a slouch offensiely either. He’s almost NHL ready and could be an NHL player in 1-2 years, but doesn’t hold the highest potential and seems to be a pretty safe bet to make the NHL. Jacob’s shot leaves a bit to be desired, it’s somewhat accurate but needs some velocity added without a doubt. I could see him play one year in the SHL, one year in the AHL, and then move over to a 4th line role in the NHL. He’s a good special teams player and excels on the penalty kill, interrupting plays as he sweeps the neutral zone.
Potential: Middle 6 Center / Top 9 Center
Possibility: High / Likely

42. C Ivan D. Morozov – SKA-1946 St. Petersburg, MHL
The Russian offensive center Ivan D. Morozov showcases a strong grasp of the offensive game and plays a good 200 foot game using his powerful skating and long strides to pair with his silky hands, setting up teammates as he rushes into the zone. He used the World Junior Challenge as a good outreach for him, attracting more attention than he was getting. He’s got a good 3 years of developing in front of him at least, but has a great offensive potential will be a riser in the draft. There’s lots to like, and his offensive game will only appear more prominent once he fills out his 6’2 frame and gains some strength to ward off defenders. Expect him to blossom and turn into a legit well regarded prospect in two years from now. Ivan also has a great wrist shot with power that can fool goalies as well as a nice defensive game. He’s slated to start the year with SKA in the MHL, but will surely see some good time in the KHL next year as he develops.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

43. D Jared McIssac – Halifax Mooseheads, QMJHL
Once regarded as a top 5 talent, Jared hasn’t had the season he had hoped for, hurting his stock and bumping him out of the first round. Despite not having the offensive potential that people expected, McIssac has a solid defensive game that reminds me of Dirty Dion Phaneuf. A great skater with good acceleration, Jared can lead the rush through the neutral zone and has a very solid shot. He’s a staple on the power play and also carries a powerful wrist shot with a quick release. However he sometimes has games where he’ll dissapear completely and be real inconsistent. He’s good at driving his shot low and clear of defenders while giving his forwards a good chance for a tip. He’s a smart player who doesn’t take too many penalties in comparison to his physicality level. He should be a year or two away from the NHL and could feature in the middle pair of an NHL team.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / Bottom Pair Defenseman
Possibility: Likely

44. C/LW Benoit-Olivier Groulx – Halifax Mooseheads, QMJHL
The son of coach Benoit Groulx, Benoit-Olivier has had a mediocre year with Halifax in the QMJHL. The two way center put up underwhelming numbers with 55 points. Groulx has a rocket of a wrist shot that he loves to unleash. He’s got great power and release to it, easy to beat goalie with. He also had a soft set of hands which he uses to dangle around defenders and finish pucks in tight. He gets in dirty and can park in front of the net, looking for a tip with good hand eye coordination. He can pass the puck very well and is a good playmaker, using nice vision and passing range. Groulx needs to work on his skating in some areas. He looks slow or average at times and his first steps leave a bit to be desired despite some improvements. Even if slow, he is great on the defensive end because he uses his great hockey IQ and fantastic positional awareness to come back and cut off angles as well as break off plays and start a transition. Groulx is a player you can match up against a team’s first line and feel comfortable about his defensive effort. He played wing at some points to try to resolve his skating issues, but he’s seeming to progress.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Likeliness: Unlikely

45. C Semyon Der-Arguchintsev – Peterborough Petes, OHL
The playmaking center, Semyon Der-Arguchintesev has had a great year with the Peterborough Petes. Being the youngest player in the draft class and oen day away from the 2019 class, Semyon came in overlooked but put up a great season and put his name on the map. His vision and passing skills are among the best in the draft and he can find lanes to make passes like no other. Semyon could work on the velocity of his shot a bit, however he has a decently accurate shot, it could be improved upon. His skating is also average. He could put on some more speed and really help him seperate from defenders and find more space to pick out a great pass. Semyon also needs to add some muscle to fight off defenders who can usually out muscle him. Next year, look out for Semyon to break out completely. If he can shoot more, he’ll score more goals. His shot / goal percentage was very high and he just needs to take some more shots.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

46. C Milos Roman – Vancouver Giants, WHL
The Slovakian two-way center boasts a plethora of offensive takents, but is mainly a playmaker who uses his top notch vision to pick out passes and set up his teammates for goal scoring opportunities. He’s one of the best puck distributors in the class and a dynamic two-way player who can cause turnovers with his active stick. A pass first player, but certainly has a shot and can place it in the corner well. An average, balanced skater. Roman needs to work on his strength and muscle mass to become a more prominent force as he’s often outmuscled and beaten in both ends and specifically along the boards. He needs to shoot the puck more considering his shot is quite good when he uses it, however he could use some more velocity to his shot. He needs to add some sort of mean streak to his game that can help him play more physical instead of shying away from physical contact.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

47. C Jack McBain – Boston College, NCAA
The OJHL offensive center Jack McBain plays a tidy two-way game. He uses his large 6’3 frame and impressive reach to knock away pucks, create turnovers, and break up plays. He’s gotten good at protecting the puck with his large body and shielding. He uses some good vision and hockey IQ to send accurate and sharp passes to teammates, setting them up for good looks. He has a great wrist shot and good release, but needs to use it more. Sometimes he tends to hold on to the puck for far too long and loses it or makes a bad and rushed play, giving the puck away. McBain has a few concerns. Worst of all is his skating. It’s not very smooth and looks clunky starting up. He lacks acceleration and struggles to get going fast. He’s very balanced, but struggles in short bursts, getting better as he goes and eventually reaching a good top speed. His defensive game is also a question mark. The OJHL isn’t that impressive of a league and he looks average defensively there. In international tournaments he wasn’t impressiveo n the back end at all and often looks lost. His positioning needs to be improved and he needs a coach to show him the way defensively. McBain needs some fixing to aspects of his game and he’s still playing in a weak league, going to Boston College in the NCAA next year, so he’s probably at least 3 years away from NHL hockey.
Potential: Top 6 / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

48. RW Jesse Ylonen – Pelicans, Liiga
The offensive minded Finnish winger has had a good year in the 2nd tier of Finnish hockey and will move into the Liiga with the Pelicans next year. He showcases an array of offensive talents ranging from his smooth skating, to his nice wrist shot. He protects the puck well and can control it with speed moving into the offensive zone well. Ylonen needs to gain some muscle as he’s often pushed off the puck and too weak in dirty areas. He’s a poised player who uses his strong passing skills and vision to create a pass and pick out a teammate. Jesse seems to be somewhat of a perimeter player, shying away from physical contact and prefers to lurk near the circles as opposed to the front of the net, not really getting his hands dirty. Ylonen is not a very strong defender. He tends to dream off into la la land at times, not paying attention and is caught puckwatching. This allows his man to slip free and get a free chance which has resulted in many a goal against his team. He needs to work on the defensive funamentals and is most likely a good 3 years away from any sort of NHL action.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

49. D Axel Andersson – Djurgardens IF J20, SuperElit
The Swedish puck moving defenseman Axel Andersson had a great year in the SuperElit, posting 31 points, 25 of those assists. He’s a very smooth skater who skates with speed and meaning, carrying the puck very well. He’s one of the most mobile defenders in the class, looking clean and sleek with the puck on his stick moving forward. Axel has a great slap shot from the point with loads of power. The accuracy is alright and his release could be better, but he has the basis for a deadly weapon. Andersson sometimes will take too many risks and lose the puck, trying to do too much, but that can be improved upon with proffessioal guided leadership and coaching. Andersson shows some real potential to be a good middle pairing defender in the NHL if he puts it all together considering he posseses some elite talent.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

50. C/LW Phillip Kurashev – Quebec Remparts, QMJHL
The Swiss center Phillip Kurashev has been one of the leaders of the young Swiss up and coming group, playing a lot of international games. He had a decent season in the QMJHL putting up 19 goals and 41 assists, good for 60 points this year. The Munsingen native is a dynamic skater who showcases his fantastic acceleration and quick first step, as well has his blistering top end speed. He utilizes it very well by blowing by defenders, creating rushes, and breaking out with the puck. Phillip bursts by defenders, but could work on his puck control and stick handling with his speed, it could be a great asset. He’ll pull off the odd move, but it could always be improved. Kurashev has a good release on his wrist shot, but his velocity needs some work for sure. Passing is a strong suit, and can be known as a playmaker when he’s on, using his good passing skills and vision to set up his teammates. Like some other players in the draft, Kurashev has moments where he completely disappears, and others where he’s the best player on the ice. Phillip plays a strong board game, collecting the puck and battling others, as well as intercepting pucks and creating turnovers.
Potential: Top Line Center / Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

51. RW Kirill Marchenko – SKA-1946 St. Petersburg, MHL
Known as the “highlight machine”, Marchenko has made a name for himself through being featured in highlight reel plays throughout his two year tenure in the MHL. He creates chances with speed and a great set of mitts using toe drags, quick puck movements, and bursts of speed. Marchenko prefers to attack the center of the ice rather than dangling around the perimeter like most wingers and it can result in a great scoring chance or an easy turnover. His quick hands make it easy for him to beat defenders and react to hit or poke check attempts. Being 6’3 and 168 lbs, Marchenko needs to add some weight and is still quite raw considering he’s almost eligible for the 2019 draft being a late birthday. Talented enough to be a 1st round pick, Marchenko had a regression of role and points this year in the MHL, leaving teams thinking about that and the Russian factor, I could see him going near the late 2nd.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

52. LW Bulat Shafagulin – Reaktor Nizhnekamsk, MHL
The super skilled Russian winger has a suberb skillset that he used to dominate the MHL this year and score his fair share of goals. He’s a strong skater who uses good balance and technique when skating to find pockets of space to fire his wrist shot. Bulat played 17 games in the KHL this year, but mostly appeared in the VHL and MHL. Bulat has been slept on by many prominent scouting services and didn’t get recognized enough to be selected for important tournaments with Russia, however his stats speak for himself, showing us that he is a natural goal scorer who has some good vision and knows when to get off his shot in the right place and time. 6’0 frame with a good weight that is rare in skilled russian who are usually smaller and lighter, Bulat could have a nice combination of shot and speed to help him in the NHL.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

53. C David Gustafsson – HV 71, SHL
The two way Swedish center David Gustafsson plays a solid game and has already played near a full season in the SHL, Sweden’s top men’s league. He registered an impressive 12 points in those 45 games playing well. Gustafsson posesses a great wrist shot which is both powerful and accurate, as well as some great hand eye coordination used to tip pucks on net while parking in front of the net with his size. I’d like to see Gustafsson work on his creativity, he isn’t much of a playmaker and tends to make short and quick passes with not too much high level vision on display. Gustafsson’s biggest issue is his skating. He lacks fluidity in his skating as he often looks awkward and his edge-work is off. He generates good power and speed, but really needs to work on the technique and finesse aspects of skating to improve. David could be somehwat close to the NHL if he fixes his skating soon. I would expect a year or two before he works his way over.
Potential: Middle 6 Center 
Possibility: Likely

54. C/LW Jakub Lauko – Piráti Chomutov, Czech
Jakub Lauko is a solid two way center who focuses primarily on defense and does a great job. He’s more likely to end up on the wing in the future, but he’s playing on the center mostly right now. He does a good job back-checking and cutting off passes, using his work ethic and size to help him in board battles and scrums in the neutral zone. He’s a strong skater with a good first step and acceleration, however he could stand to work on his strides which look a bit clunky. He has a good hard wrist shot, however he doesn’t use it enough and isn’t super accurate. He has decent stick handling skill and controls the puck well, as well as showing some playmaking skills on occasion, preffering to get the job done rather than making a creative play or trying something risky. Lauko is already playing in the top men’s league in the Czech Republic and could be NHL ready as soon as 2 years from now.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger / Center
Possibility: Likely / Medium

55. C Ryan McLeod – Mississauga Steelheads, OHL
The speedy Canadian center Ryan McLeod, brother of Michael, has had an up and down season in the OHL with Mississauga this year, notching 70 points in 68 games. He’s a 6’2, two way center who uses his fantastic skating skill to create plays and make passes with a great combination of hockey IQ, vision, and crisp passing. McLeod is a pass first player for sure. He’s getting better at shooting more which will be needed to become more unpredictable, however his shoot has a good quick release and is accurate despite lacking power. Ryan is a great penalty killer, and is good at anticipating passes and causing interceptions on the defensive end of the game. Ryan is probably at least 2-3 years away from any NHL action and his future will depend entirely on how well he develops in the next few years. McLeod seems to lack the high end offensive potential you want in a first or high end second line center, so it’s yet to be determined how he can raise the bar.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

56. LW Sampo Ranta – Sioux City Musketeers, USHL
The Finnish winger Sampo Ranta notched 37 points this year, 23 of them goals in the USHL this year. The 6’2 goal scorer showcases a great skating skillset and is willing to get down and dirty in the rough areas to get the puck. He doesn’t have the most amazing shot, however it’s accurate and smart, showing a strong shot IQ, knowing where and when to let it fly. Sampo plays at a high intesity, always looking to push the pace and challenge himself and his teammates. He doesn’t have the greatest passing skill, and will sometimes turn over the puck when passing, however that isn’t the greatest issue being off the wing. His skating speed is great, and he skates with purpose carrying the puck, making defenders worry as he rushes in causing turmoil. His defensive awareness and zonage is a little weak and could use some improvement, sometimes letting his man slip by. Ranta is probably a safe bet to be a top 9 winger, with a small chance of reaching a little higher.
Potential : Middle 6 Winger / Top 9 Winger
Possibility: Likely

57. LW/C Cole Fonstad – Prince Albert Raiders, WHL
The Saskatchewan born winger from Prince Albert has had a very good offensive season, however he has some concerns that teams could be worried about. The dynamic winger shows some skills that could see him make the NHL, but others that make you wonder if they’ll ever change. Obviously sitting at 5’10 he’s a little small and light. He needs to gain some weight and hopefully increase his size. His hockey IQ and offensive awareness are very high and he showcases them on a nightly basis. Cole uses his strong vision and playmaking skill to set passes across to his teammates, creating scoring chances. Fonstad moved from center to the wing and started to really show some improvement because of it. He struggled physically and mentally from the center of the ice, and the shift to the wing helped him a lot it seems. 
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

58. D Nicholas Beaudin – Drummondville Voltigeurs, QMJHL
The left handed puck moving defenseman had a fantastic year with Drummondville, putting up a season with over a point per game. He needs to work on his skating because his backwards skating needs some work, his speed could be improved, and he needs to work on his spacing when attackers rush into the zone. Sometimes Nicholas will leave too much room and let someone get off a free shot, not paying attention to him and trying to work out his backwards skating. Otherwise, Beaudin is good at clogging up lanes and creating turnovers with his active stick. Offensively, he’s a great passer and loves to find the seams. Beaudin has recently been a minute muncher in the playoffs, taking it up a notch lately and playing some games over 30 minutes. He’s one of the older players in the draft class, but should be at least 2 years away from NHL play, maybe 3.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

59. D Jacob Bernard-Docker – Okotoks Oilers, AJHL
The Alberta native right handed defender Jacob Bernard Docker has the offensive prowess to be an everyday NHLer in a middle pairing role, he just will take a long time to develop. He’s shown flashes of skill with his hard shot driven well towards the net that can pick the corners. He spreads the puck out very well to his teammates, picking out passes and breaking out of his zone fast and effectively. Jacob is a solid skater who shows good mobility and promise moving forward. A few issues he has may bring him down on most teams draft boards, but he’s got good potential. He can be often outmuscled and pushed off of the puck, as well as stick lifted and beaten in board battles. Bernard-Docker tends to rush up the ice too much and over-extend, sometimes losing the puck or making a bad pass, causing an odd man rush. He could use a good physical boost, as he isn’t very intimidating to play against. Bernard Docker will be at least 3 years away from NHL play, maybe longer depending on how long it takes to develop.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely

60. C/RW Cameron Hillis – Guelph Storm, OHL
The Oshawa native Cameron Hillis boasts a solid play driving, offensively talented skillset which he uses to amp up his team and create scoring chances. He’s got great offensive talent, but his defense is in question. He uses his soft hands and stickhandling skill to beat defenders and safely storm the opposing end. Using his hockey IQ and smarts, Hillis chooses the right moments to make his pushes, as well as his other plays. A strong playmaker, Cameron uses a wide variety of passes and can set up his teammates in almost all positions for goals. He’s got the knack of finding a perfect pass and threading it through sets of sticks and bodies directly on the tape of his teammte. Cam also posseses a good wrist shot with a nice release and does a good job alternating between the two skills on offense, always keeping the opposition guessing. He’s great at guessing where the play will unfold and anticipating so he can manipulate it well to get a favourable outcome. Being a slightly undersized player, he struggles with strength and size, so hopefully he can work on that as he grows. He projects to be a winger a the NHL level unless he finds a late growth spurt and adapts well. Defensively, Hillis really has his issues that need improvement, specifically how easy he can get outmuscled and lose the puck, then give up hope and effort.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger / Center
Possibility: Unlikely

61. D Sean Durzi – Owen Sound Attack, OHL
The overage defenseman Sean Durzi has had a redeeming year after missing out on being selected last year and improving his stock enough to warrant him a 2nd or 3rd round selection. Durzi’s big improvement this year has been his ability to jump into the rush and hit the other team with a push much like the top names in the draft (Dahlin, Hughes, etc.). He’s done a good job of being defensively responsible and taking calculated risks, and has some decent defensive abilites. He’s mainly an offensive defenseman and carries a hard and accurate slapshot that can fool goalies from the point. One of Durzi’s biggest downfalls is his lack of physicality or aggression. As a smaller defender, he’s sometimes beaten or outmuscled by power forwards and stronger player at the junior level, so he needs a big improvement to make it to the NHL. Sean is probably a good 2 years away from NHL play at least despite being an overager, hopefully he can put on some muscle mass in that time. This year is redemption for Durzi, and he’s earned the praise and touting he’s received.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely

62. C Jay O’Brien – Providence College, NCAA
The American center Jay O’Brien played mostly at Thayer Academy Prep this year in high school, putting together 80 points in 37 games, scoring 43 goals. The smooth skater center has a great top end speed and lightning quick acceleration, reaching his top speed very quickly, allowing him to surprise defenders or beat them to loose pucks. He can also burst past defenders and pull away for breakaways or good scoring chances like odd man rushes. He’s sitting at an average 6 feet, but is a little weak and needs to grow some muscles to be more effective from the center of the ice. O’Brien has a quick shot with a good release, allowing him to beat goalies swiftly and finish from the circles with ease. He’s classified as a goal scoring center in my books, preferring to shoot rather than pass off the puck, but he can make a decent pass when needed. He plays the game smart and finds open passing lanes well with accuracy. O’Brien is a solid defender who backchecks well and can help cover his defense when lost, supporting them. He needs to work a bit on his positioning and reading the play, but he should improve that with a proffessional coach at Providence next year coming out of high school. O’Brien could be NHL ready in 2-3 years, but needs some time to develop.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

63. D Kevin Bahl – Ottawa 76’s, OHL 
The large 6’6 looming defenseman out of New Westminster, BC has shown recently that he has what it takes to be an NHL level defenseman. He brings the valuable presence of a shutdown defenseman with a great physical intimidation. Bahl only notched 18 points this year, and scored only one goal, but he isn’t really known for his defense. I certainly wouldn’t want to skate full speed into a 6’6, 235 lb bonecrushing defenseman. His skating is alright for a big guy, and it can use some work of course, but he does decently well. He’s got a very long reach and uses it to knock pucks away, stop rushes, and break up passes effectively. For a big guy, you would hope he has a bit more zest to his slap shot which could certainly develop to be a weapon if he works on it, but he hasn’t shown much of anything from it yet. He does a good job of knowing his place in the team and contributing with what he has. He likes parking in front of the net on powerplays and screening the goalie with his large body. Bahl is probably 2 years away from the NHL at least.
Potential: #5 Defenseman / Bottom Pairing Defenseman
Possibility: High / Likely

64. C Curtis Hall – Youngstown Phantoms, USHL
The New Jersey native center Curtis hall has shown some flashes of skill in his USHL tenure this year notching 31 points in 51 games. Hall will transition over to Yale in the NCAA next year, but showed some promise throughout the season. He really developed both sides of his game this year in his second year of USHL hockey with Youngstown, becoming a very solid two way center. Hall is a 6’2 center with a nice frame and NHL center attributes, playing well in all zones. Curtis did a good job in the faceoff circle and collecting pucks to move to his teammates as a hard worker. He knows that you have to work hard on defense to get the chance on offense, which he usually takes as a shoot first player. Having a good shot and nice release, he needs to get it off more and has the potential to be a good goalscorer in the NHL in a 3rd line role. Looking for a two way center with strength and size but underrated offense? Hall is your guy. He could be ready for the NHL in 2 years or longer.
Potential: Top 9 Center
Possibility: Medium

65. D Danila Galenyuk – SKA-1946 St. Petersburg, MHL
The Russian defender from Tyumen in Russia played for 4 teams this year from KHL to MHL to VHL. He also played at the WJC and International Juniors, racking up valuable experience with his county. Not a huge offensive contributor, but can chip in when needed with a decent shot and nice passing skills from the point. He’s very mobile for a 6’1, 200 lb defenseman and has a very nice NHL body. His defensive side of the game is solid and he can shut down rushes and plays physical along the boards and stripping pucks off of weaker players with stick lifts and checks. Danila is very well disciplined and can bring a solid presence to any team. He should be playing in the KHL soon and will develop nicely to be NHL ready in 2-3 years.
Potential: #5 Defenseman / Bottom Pairing Defenseman
Possibility: Likely

66. LW/C Matej Pekar – Muskegon Lumberjacks, USHL
The Czech winger made a nice transition over to the USHL and has played well with Muskegon this year. He’s primarily a playmaker and plays a very tidy defensive game. Matej is a very hard worker who can play up and down the lineup and in multiple situations. He’s used well on the powerplay and penalty kill, contributing with his range of passing and vision which he uses to set up teammates for good scoring looks. He’s got a solid and clinical shot, scoring on his good chances reliably, making him a dual threat off the wing. He’s played center on occasion but will surely be a winger. He’s a strong player off of the boards, winning battles and helping his team transition, but also being very defensively responsible and mature as a hockey player. Pekar could be ready for the NHL in 2-3 years and would most likely feautre in the bottom six to start.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

67. C Kyle Topping – Kelowna Rockets, WHL
The right shot center Kyle Topping is a very solid 200 foot player with one of the best well rounded games in the draft. A common phrase for such players is jack of all trades, master of none; which applies to Kyle quite well. The big question of Kyle’s game and season has to do with his line and set-up. He’s playing with two premier prospects in Kole Lind and Dillon Dube, so how much of that is him doing the work and how much is being done for him? When watching them play, I have to say that Topping actually holds his own quite well, making some plays and creating as opposed to being spoon fed like suggested. Topping showcases a number of good skills including vision, passing, distribution, anticipation, defense, and faceoff skill. Hopefully he can develop a few of those into elite ones to become am ore tantalizing player.
Potential: Middle 6 Center / Top 9 Center
Possibility: Likely / Medium

68. C Jack Drury – Waterloo Black Hawks, USHL
The hard working two way center from Winnetka, Illinois, Jack Drury plays a down and dirty two way game that can impress. He exploded in the league dropping 65 points in 56 games this year. Drury worked on his shot over the last year and saw a nice improvement as visible as it gets. He added some nice velocity and worked on his release. Jack is a great playmaker, using great vision and IQ to make a variety of passes and spread pucks to his teammates using flip passes, saucer passes, and long stretch passes on the tapes of his teammates. He works hard to get in the right spot and has looked super sharp in the USHL, putting up more points in his draft year than players like Eeli Tolvanen.
Potential: Top 6 Center / Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely

69. RW Kody Clark – Ottawa 67’s, OHL
Here at 69 lies the son of Leafs legend Wendel Clark, Kody. He didn’t have an amazing season with only 39 points in 56 games, but shows some good skill and promise. Despite being Wendel’s son, he plays a high skilled playmaking game and not as much grit as his father did. Kody has a fast release on his shot but could build up some power to help him beat goalies easier. He’s known as a playmaker, showing some good vision and passing skill, but he takes a good amount of shots per game at 2.3, so with a little added power he could have a nice two pronged attack. He could work on his defensive abilites and shore them up because his backchecking is slow and his positioning could use a bit of work, but he shows some good offensive talent. Kody should be around 3 years away from the NHL at least, needing to work on his defense for sure.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium

70. LW Nando Eggenberger – Davos HC, NLA
The Swiss power forward with a comically amazing name finds himself at 70 in my rankings list after a decent season with Davos in the NLA. He’s got a nice skill package that works well with a good skating package and speed. Nando showed up well at international tournaments, leading the way for the Swiss along with Phillip Kurashev, looking to push on the next wave of hockey in a growing hockey country. His shot is very dangerous with a slick and fast release as well as a powerful and accurate corner picking skill. He can power his way to positions around the net to score and uses some nice hockey to read the unfolding play in front of him. He’s got nice size so he uses his length and active stick to knock away picks and block lanes. He’s also flirted with blocking shots. Nando shows great defensive awareness improvement and positioning skill, helping his team defend properly.
Potential: Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

71. D Martin Fehevary – HV71, SHL
The second ranked Slovakian defenseman, Martin Fehevary got a start on SHL hockey this year, gaining some valuable experience and playing in some international tournaments as well. Fehevary is a very typical and solid, puck moving two way defenseman. He’s solid out of the back and posseses a nice wrist shot from the blue line. he started playing in the SHL back in 2016 which was quite impressive despite only playing 4 games and going pointless. He’s been in and out of the SHL transitionging through all of the 3 main leagues in Sweden, and hasn’t produced many points, but has focused more on his defensive ability and has been quite good. Hopefully he can learn to jump into the rush more frequently and get more involved in the offense.
Potential: #5 Defenseman
Possibility: High / Likely

72. LW/C Marcus Westfalt – Brynas IF, SHL
The Swedish forward Marcus Westfalt has had a good season, going over PPG in the SuperElit before switching to the SHL and registering 4 points in his SHL debut season, playing limited minutes. He also scored two nice goals in the Hlinka earlier this year. Marcus carries a nice 6’3 frame and has bulked up to 190 lbs already. He’s got a lethal piercing wrist shot with a nice release which he loves to use speeding down and barreling towards net. He’s a good, fast skater using his wheels well on breaks and stretch passes. Marcus is a solid defender who shows good positioning and awareness, getting in perfect positions to break up passes and force panic plays. He’s been used a lot on the PK, especially in the SuperElit with his relentless speed and chase down ability. A very underrated prospect, Westfalt could be NHL ready in 2-3 years.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

73. LW/C Blade Jenkins – Saginaw Spirit, OHL
Blade is an American born forward with one of the best first names in the draft hands down. He started off very slow in the OHL this year, but picked up speed as he adapted to the style of play. Blade is a late birthday, so he’s got plenty of time go grow and already has a solid 6’2, 195lb frame to work off of. Blade put up 44 points this year in 68 games, but ended the season strong. He’s primarily an offensive type center, but can provide some defense at times. He’s got a very high set of offensive instincts, allowing for high level plays whenever he steps on the ice. He’s got a dual pronged attack with an equal shot and playmaking package. He can drive the offense well because of his offensive instincts, but really needs to work on his skating to impose that force on a higher level and consistency. Another issue that Jenkins has is his game away from the puck. His positioning, specifically defensively needs some work and spacing as well. He can sometimes cost his team goals or allow for scoring chances by letting players slip by him. HE’s often an aggresive attacker of the net and circles, showing urgency and promise with the puck enough to be a top 6 forward in the NHL. Blade won’t be a center in the NHL most likely, his play style suits the wings much more than the center of the ice. Blade could be 3-4 years away from NHL time and is viewed as a raw prospect
Potential: Top 6 Winger
Potential: Unlikely

74. C/RW Linus Karlsson – Karlskrona HK, SHL
Linus had a destructive year in the SuperElit, trailing only Jonatan Berggren in points with 52 in 42 games. He’s sitting at a decent 6’1 size and 180 lbs, with this production, so why is he listed so down in most rankings? It seems to me like it’s just a lack of exposure for Linus. He also doesn’t have the best skating. His stride looks choppy and he looks to lack a bit of power, so hopefully he can fix it. Aside from the International U-19 juniors, he hasn’t really seen any time in the spotlight. He posseses a nice wrist shot and a soft pair of hands as well as some creative passing skills/vision. He’s very quick to make a move and has a quick stick and reactions. He’d be a good risk to take in the 4th round or so, hopefully fixing his skating could really elevate his game. He’ll see a role increase in the SHL next year so expect a nice D1 season from him.
Potential: Middle Six Center
Possiblity: Unlikely

75. LW/C Chase Wouters – Saskatoon Blades, WHL
Chase is a strong, two-way checking center from Lloydminster. He’s had a very nice 51 point year with Saskatoon this year. Chase is a hard working player with good speed, used well to blow past defenders or skate into a hard check. He’s a good defender who comes hard on the backcheck, and is positionally strong, covering his area of the ice very well. I could see Chase playing on the wing at the NHL level, but is a good faceoff taker with a talent for tying up his opposing centreman. He uses an active stick to knock away pucks and battles hard along the boards and in key positions. He still needs to work on some aspects of his offensive game which are average / below average like his shot and some passing aspects, but still managed to pull of a 50+ point season.
Potential: Top 9 Center / Winger
Possibility: Likely

76. LW Albin Eriksson – Skelleftea AIK, SHL
Here’s something we don’t see too much of; a large Swedish power forward. Being a late birthday, people hope he can develop nicely. He uses his large size to protect the puck and cut towards the net making him very hard to stop. Having said that, he often tries to do too much and needs to do better learning when to pass the puck, feed his teammates, or give up the puck as he often loses it. He draws defenders away from the middle of the ice, which should open up a pass, but he will instead keep skating and lose the puck. Eriksson uses his body sometimes in aggression, and has racked up a lot of penalty minutes. He needs to be a little more disciplined at times. Albin has a heavy and powerful shot which e has used to score quite a few nice wrist shots from the circles. He could work on his accuracy a bit, but has a nice rip on occasion.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

77. D Alec Regula – London Knights, OHL
The large American defenseman has a great 6’4 200 lb frame and has shown some nice two way potential thus far in the OHL. Regula’s confidence and playing time increased as the season went on, playing up the lineup and increasing production. He’s a real raw defenseman with potential on both ends of the ice. A great skater with nice acceleration who looks increasingly comfortable leading the rush. He will often do a good job of handling high skill players or skating the puck out of trouble on a “Regula” basis. Regula really has a strong hockey IQ and knows where to be. Because of that skill, he’s good at closing gaps and cutting off angles when attackers close in. Regula is a really nice bet to take around the late 2nd / early 3rd range. He can potentially develop into a solid top 4 defenseman in 3 years time.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

78. LW Ruslan Ishakov – Krasnaya Armiya Moskva, MHL
Ruslan is one of the smallest players in the draft sitting at a tiny 5’7. However he posseses incredible skill and is one of the most elusive players in the draft class. He’s got a great set of hands as well as fantastic vision and passing skills. On a Slovakian U18 team, Ishakov registered a crazy 104 points in 44 games, completely destroying the league. He then moved to the MHL this year and scored almost at a PPG, keeping up with other top prospects like Denisenko and Kravtsov. Obviously you’d hope he grows some more, and he is a late birthday so there is hope. He also needs to gain muscle, however his elusive style could be helpful when trying to adapt to NA hockey. Ishakov is a complete question mark and his success depends completely on his abiltiy to translate to the NHL. He’s gonna stew in the Russian leagues for a while and hopefully be over in 3-4 years. Skill isn’t an issue.
Potential: Top Line Winger / Top 6 Winger
Possibility: Low

79. C/RW Dmitri Zavgorodny – Rimouski Oceanic, QMJHL
The small Russian center playing on Rimouski had a nice 47 point season this year. Dmitri is 5’9 and 160 lbs, so he will struggle playing center at the NHL level, he’ll probably see hismelf as a right winger. He scored a solid 26 goals, partially thanks to his powerful and accurate shot. He’s a fast skater which he uses to fly past defenders and create space to make a play. He also has nice puck handling skills with a series of good moves, creating him more separation. Zavgorodny is willing to get down and dirty, not shying away from physicaly contact, but with his size, he’s often outmuscled or nudged off the puck. Dmitri burst onto the scene after his great Hlinka tournament, really pushing him up rankings and into the top 93 of most drafts. He could be a nice risk to take anywhere from the 3/4th round and on, hopefully he can add some size. He projects to be a winger at the NHL level.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

80. C Aidan Dudas – Owen Sound Attack, OHL
The Canadian center from Ontario had a nice 65 point year. Dudas is another undersized 5’8 center, so his saving grace is his skating ability which he needs to continue to develop. His weapon is his wrist shot, it’s among the best in the class, probably top 3. It has everything you want in it; power, accuracy, release, deceptive, and he can really rip it. Hopefully Dudas grows a bit more, being a late birthday it could happen still. I have him lasted at 5’8 but he looks closer to 5’9/10 now. He’s also a talented playmaker with strong vision and hockey IQ. Aidan could play on the wing, and probably will at the NHL level if reached, but his shot is among the deadliest there is, imagining it with even more power as he develops strength is a scary image for any NHL team. 
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Center / Middle 6 Winger / Center
Possibility: Unlikely

81. C Allan McShane – Oshawa Generals, OHL
Allan is a solid playmaking center who notched a PPG season in a soild jump from last season’s great rookie year. He often showcases his vision, hockey IQ, and crisp passing when playing up or down the lineup. One of the biggest things for me about McShane is that he’s essentially average or below on every other aspect of the game. He’s a great prospect to select in the 3rd round, but he doesn’t really have an amazing shot, fast wheels, or great stick handling skill. He’s got good work ethic, hustling around the ice all of the time, but his skating could use some extra speed. He could be either a center or a winger at the NHL level, that is yet to be determined depending on his devopment, but he could play both as his playmaking is just as good off of the wing as it is from the center of the ice. 
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

82. C Oscar Back – Farjestad BK, SHL
This is an interesting player type and nation combo I haven’t seen yet in this draft, a Swedish two-way center from the SHL… In all seriousness, Back plays slightly different from his Swedish peers, sitting at 6’3 200lbs, Back uses his size well and plays a very solid two way game, tracking back and knocking away pucks, but also getting forward and leading the rush. In my viewings of his SHL games, he hasn’t registered any points, but has shown up. He just wasn’t getting much puck luck or getting unlucky with shots and passes most of the time. Back’s biggest weakness is easily his skating. He lacks speed and technique at times, looking a little clunky and slow. If he can work on it, he’ll be a nice Middle Six on an NHL team 3 years from now.
Potential: Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Medium

83. RW Pavel Gogolev – Peterbrough Petes, OHL
The Russian sniper Gogolev is part of the Petes dynamic duo, formed with himself and Semyon Der Arguchintsev. The pair carried the team on their backs, going off for multiple multi point nights, and Pavel had 47 points, 30 of which were goals. He’s a dynamic offensive talent with a laser shot which he used to be the 3rd highest OHL scorer this year only behind Svechnikov and Dudas. Despite only having 17 assists, he’s a good playmaker who can pick out a pass when in tough or transition well with decent vision. Very good skater who can control the puck well at high speeds and can be a game changer at times of need. Gogolev’s biggest issues lie in his work ethic and consistency which can go hand in hand. Hopefully he can work a little harder and show up when he’s needed on a more consistent basis.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

84. D Filip Johansson – Leksands IF, Allsvenskan
Filip is a decently sized 6’1 Swedish defenseman who’ slowly progressing nicely. He’s primarily a defensive defenseman who can make his D partner look good and stay reliable. He doesn’t make too many mistakes and essentially a safety blanket. He’s a decent skater with some decent technique and foot speed. Really showed up at the 5 nations U18 tournament, establishing himself as a solid top 93 pick this year. My viewings in the Allsvenskan weren’t too impressive, but he’s got some more developing to do. He plays a game that isn’t over complicated and prefers to be safe, with a real nice hockey IQ. He rushes up the ice and breaks out nice, as well as anticipating plays ahead of time. He also needs to work on his gap control, reigning in defenders properly and of course developing his offensive game which coukd use some zest.
PotentialL #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Likely

85. D Adam Ginning – Linkoping HC, SHL
Adam is known as a defensive defenseman who plays the game smart, making simple passes and makes sensible moves on the back end. He uses his 6’4 200lb body to his advantage well, beating attackers to pucks and beating them along the boards. He’s a good penalty kilelr and uses his long active stick to disrupt passes with anticipation. Ginning needs to work on the release of his slapshot. His power is nice and generated in bunches because of his size and weight, but he takes way too long to get it off. His shot is nice and direct, easy for teammates to tip on net. He makes the simple pass most of the time and prefers to sit back instead of making offensive risks that could result in a chance the other way as a safer player. He’s gonna be a good 3 years away from NHL hockey at least, just getting into the 2nd tier of Swedish Hockey, but can develop into a nice defensive mainstay on a unit.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely

86. LW Anderson MacDonald – Moncton Wildcats, QMJHL
MacDonald was once viewed as a potential lottery pick, but had somewhat of an underwhelming season. He uses his fast and accurate shot very well, combined with a good release, MacDonald is a modern day power forward sniper. He’s got a nice 6’2 frame, already surpassing 200 lbs, but has some decent muscle. he needs to use his strength more however instead of not utilizing it and just playing. He’s a good and effortless skater, sometimes gliding up the ice or back on defense with what seems like ease and good technique. The obvious thing noticed this year about Anderson is his knack of dissapearing and no showing anything of note on the ice at times during a game or even series of games. Sometimes he looks like he’s daydreaming or not payong attention to the play.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger
Possbility: Medium

87. RW/C Ryan O’Reilly – Madison Capitols, USHL
Yes. His name is Ryan O’Reilly. Yes, it’s spelled in exactly the same way. He suffered a foot injury for a few months and then sustained Mono which slowed his season, though he still managed 21 goals and 38 points. He’s one of the best goal scorers in the USHL, using his nice wrist shot that has a good release. He’s just a natural goal scorer plain and simple. O’Reilly has nice accurate shot and has a knack of scoring from crazy tight angles close in and from farther out. Ryan has a nice set of wheels, using it to speed past defenders and release himself on breakaways. He uses some slick stick handling and moves in front of net to fool goalies and beat defenders in a slick style of play. O’Reilly can back track and backcheck well, using a nice work ethic and active stick to knock away pucks. One of the purest goal scorers in the draft.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

88. C Jachym Kondelik – Muskegon Lumberjacks, USHL
This German born Czech center holds an incredible 6’7, 220lb frame, which should be a great talent. When you see this, most people would think gritty, power forward, grinder type player, but Jachym is a very skillful center. He posted 34 points this year in 44 games, and drastically improved his skating. The obvious main issue for a big man is his skating. Can he get around? Is his mobility good? Can he keep up with the smaller faster players? Kondelik has done a good job of working on such things. Much like Michael Rasmussen of last year, he’s a great net front presence who has some serious underrated skill. He’s got a soft touch and great vision, using nice passes to set up his teammates. Obviously he’s physical and uses his size well, but is also a great defensive player, working hard to get back and using that long reach to disrupt the play. His offense can improve for sure, specifically his shot, but his potential is that of a 2nd line center, ready for NHL play in 2-3 years.
Potential: Top 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

89. LW/C Jan Jenik – HC Bílí Tygři Liberec, Czech Extraliga
Jenik is a two way forward who plays center in the Czech league, but will most likely project as a left winger in the show. He’s a hard working player which reminds me of a slightly less talented Martin Kaut. He’s got a 6’1 frame and just needs to put on some weight and muscle. He does have the drive to get down and dirty in the corners and boards, even if he doesn’t have the greatest strength, so he’ll be better at retrieving pucks and nudging off players with an increased muscle mass. He’s got a decent shot and nice passing, showcasing some good vision and hockey IQ. Jenik needs to mostly work on his skating. He has some below average speed and really needs to work on his edgework as has been somewhat exposed in the top Czech league. He’s quite a durable player that I’ve seen take quite a few big hits and pop right up afterwards which is always a good trait.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

90. D Jordan Harris – Northeastern University, NCAA
Jordan Harris is a big wildcard player. He’s relatively unknown, mostly playing high school hockey aside from 5 SUHL games, where I saw him play 1.5 games and a few clips from high school. The first thing that sticks out is his skating without doubt. His skating style and play looks very similar to Quinn Hughes in the way he glides around and joins the rush. He’s a noticable player which has really helped him jump to relevancy quickly as a high school player. Jordan is a 5’10, 170lb left shot defenseman who uses and active stick, disrupting lanes and plays somewhat of a physical game for his size which is a nice thing to see from him. He’s good at starting out the offense by starting a rush out of the zone or finding a solid breakout pass from his zone up this ice. Harris has a nice potential if he can continue develop to his offensive game and clean up some positioning skills on the back end.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

91. LW Vladislav Kotkov – Chicoutimi Saguenéens, QMJHL
Kotkov is a big power winger from Moscow, transitoning to the Q this year with a solid 49 point season on a lacklustre squad. Vlad is mainly an offensive winger who uses his size well, holding off defenders and powering his way to scoring areas to get off his dangerous shot. He has a great release and an insane one timer which can pierce twine from anywhere with the right set-up. You’d think being 6’4 and 200+ lbs, Kotkov would struggle to skate well but he’s actually an above average skater using his long and powerful legs to burst away with fast and powerful strides. He’s got some nice acceleration and can hit his top end speed quite quickly, generating good foot speed. His physical game has all the right elements of size, physicality, discipline, reach, and mobility to be an effective power forward wherever he is. He’s got some good hockey IQ and can throw sharp or saucer passes to his teammates and set them for good oppoprtunities as well. He’s got good potential to be a top six forward at the NHL with 3 years of development and the right coaching as he adapts to the North American game.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

92. LW Ryan Chyzowski – Medicine Hat Tigers, WHL
Ryan is a very solid all around winger who can provide a number of elements to the game. He doesn’t have any crazy elite talents, but he uses his motor to continuously skate around the ice and works hard, getting down and is starting to work on his physicality and utilizing his 6’1 frame to his advantage along the boards and neutral zone. He posseses many good qualities that aren’t elite but good like stick handling, passing skills, wrist shot, skating, and smarts. Ryan has shown some nice potential over the year and really has made himself known through a nice season with Medicine Hat. He could develop into a solid middle six winger and will most likely be taken somewhere from the rounds 3-5 range. He’s also very defensively responsible and backchecks well to support his team on both ends of the ice, using his awareness and positioning to know where to be at all times. He could be a good 3-4 years away from NHL action.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

93. C Riley Damiani – Kitchener Rangers, OHL
Riley Damiani is a small 5’10 center who posseses some nice skills and has recently shown some higher level of potential in the OHL playoffs with Kitchener. Riley has a great skating skillset that includes fantastic acceleration and first step speed. because of such quick bursts of speed, he’s great at beating out defenders for short races or making a quick change of direction and pace to beat them. Damiani plays with incredible work ethic and and passion, playing a fearless game. He works super hard skating around the ice in different scenarios which is one of the best traits to have because you can never worry about Riley giving his all on the ice. Defensively, Damiani uses a very tantalizing combo of vision and smarts to anticipate the unfolding play and intercept a play or track down an attacker working his way towards goal. His shot is solid with a quick release and tricky placement, sometimes fooling goalies. Aside from obviusly gaining the needed muscles and strength, Riley needs to work on his faceoffs if he’s going to stick as a center in the NHL, his percentage was down at 35.2% this year which is not good for an up and coming center.
Potential: Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

94. C/LW Gabriel Fortier – Baie-Comeau Drakkar, QMJHL
Fortier is a workhorse center who uses his speed to get in behind defenses and score goals. He’s more of a shoot first, goalscorer type of player than a passer, but can pull off some nice passes when needed. One of Fortier’s best traits is his penalty killing skill in which he uses his strong skating speed and checking abilities along with tireless work ethic to chase downs pucks and break up plays. Fortier has a very nice, hard and accurate wrist shot which he uses to rip pucks past goaltenders with conviction. Fortier had a very solid draft combine, showing his strengths and finished high on lots of major categories including power, jumping, and grip strength, finishing in the top 25 of almost every single category. He should be one to watch as he develops of the years.
Potential: Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

95. LW Tyler Weiss – USNTDP
Tyler is a smaller 5’10 winger with a very offensive oriented skillset. He has a high compete level and gives his all when on the ice. He can skate quite well with speed and technique, beating defenders and setting up his teammates. Speaking of setting up his teammates, Weiss is a great playmaker with solid vision that is showcased every game. He can play center and wing, but with his size and game style, he’ll most likely end up on the wing. His other main trait it his puck handling skill. He can use quick moves or turns to throw off defender and burst towards goal with his quick foot speed and acceleration. Weiss is very light, so he needs to put on some muscle mass and strength to hold off defenders and help his battles along the boards and zones. Tyler is a nice pickup anywhere around the 3rd or 4th round and could be a good 3 years away from the NHL as he goes to play with Boston in the NCAA.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Medium / Unlikely

96. D Scott Perunovich – University of Minnesota-Duluth, NCAA
Scott is a smaller sized, 5’9 overage defenseman, born and raised in Minnesota. he burst on to the scene in style scoring 36 points in his first year of NCAA hockey as a 19 year old. His main issue is obviously his size. 5’9 and 165 lbs isn’t really intimidating from the perspective of an attacker, so he hopefully can pop a growth spurt or gain some big muscle mass. Scott is mainly a puck moving defenseman who can skate and pass the puck very well, racking up the assists this year as a young rookie in college which is great. His defense needed some big work which was a turnoff for teams last year, but he is heading in the right direction, tightening things up well and positioning himself a lot better. As long as Perunovich continues to work on the physical aspect of the game and can shore up some defensive issues, he could make it as a top 4 offensive defenseman.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely / Low

97. C Nathan Dunkley – London Knights, OHL
Dunkley is a 5’11 center who moved from the Fronts to the Knights halfway through the OHL season. Dunkley is a skilled offensive center who also contributes on the defensive side of the game, just in a lesser sense. He has good traits and bad traits all in one like his skating where he has technique and edges, but lacks the speed and is a mediocre accelerator. He’s always working hard to get to the front of the net and fight for position and has a nice, clinical shot that could use a bit more power. His plus/minus and points dropped since joining London, but still produced just fine. He’s not an awful skater to the point where it ruins his game, but it needs some fine tuning for sure. Hopefully he can add some elite talent to his game and make him stand out among all the other players around him.
Potential: Middle 6 Center
Possiblity: Medium / Unlikely

98. D Ty Emberson – USNTDP
The right handed 6’1 American Ty Emberson falls at 98 on my list. Emberson had a very mediocre season, not really doing anything crazy to raise or lower his placement. What you see is what you get with Emberson. A fast puck rusher with a very well rounded and solid game in all aspects. His size and speed are very useful and can help him on both ends of the ice. He’s great at leading the puck up the ice and entering the zone, pushing the pace at times. Emberson can also play the powerplay very well and can be relied upon in an NHL 1st or 2nd unit. He uses good hockey smarts and IQ to read the play and anticipate his surroundings with precision and finesse. Ty could be a 4th or 5th round pick depending on how teams view him, maybe even higher, but he has some solid NHL upside.
Potential: Top 4 Defenseman / #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Unlikely

99. RW/C Tyler Madden – Northeastern University, NCAA
Here’s another American born forward with some attractions and some warning signals. Madden is a late 99′ born center who projects as a winger later on. Tyler is 5’10 and only 152 lbs which is the first warning. However, Tyler has speed to burn and uses it whenever he can. The strength and battling goes hand in hand with weight most of the time, and Tyler really needs some major gains to avoid bouncing off of players like Dustin Byfuglien like rubber bouncy ball. Tyler is one of the fastest skaters in the draft and utilizes it very well with his mixture of explosiveness and agility. Tyler is a born leader, someone who has great leadership capabilites and is known to have great intangibles. The points didn’t come like crazy for Madden, but the upside was on display and surely the scouts were watching. I can see Madden being 4 years away from NHL action for sure.
Potential: Top 6 Winger / Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

100. C/LW Brendan Budy – Langley Rivermen, BCHL
Brendan is a skilled 5’10 center who was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2015 WHL draft by Red Deer, but played for his hometown BCHL team. Budy captained the Rivermen in his final year before heading off to Denver for the 18-19 season, tallying 56 points in 49 games and leading the team in points. He showcases a soft pair of hands and is a fast skater, showing good acceleration and explosiveness to get by defenders, controlling the puck well at high speeds. Brendan is a good playmaker with solid vision and can pick out a pass through traffic to a teammate or rip a shot with a quickly released wrist shot. Seeing how he can adapt to the NCAA game next year will be pivotal, deciding whether he can stick as a center or move to the wing as he progresses. Budy should be 3-4 years away from NHL action with some good NCAA development.
Potential: Middle 6 Center / Winger / Top 9 Center / Winger
Possibility: Medium

Honorable Mentions:

C Jacob Pivonka – Notre Dame, NCAA
Jacob is a solid, two way, penalty killing center that had a decent season. He’s viewed as an early bloomer and has top tier penalty killing skill, one of the best in the draft. He doesn’t have much upside, but he’s a very safe bet to make the NHL, a great pickup in the middle rounds.
Potential: Top 9 Center
Possibility: High / Likely

RW Samuel Fagemo – Frolunda HC, SHL
Fagemo is a great scoring winger who put up 19 goals and 30 points in the SuperElit this year. He uses a nice wrist shot in combination with a pair of soft hands and speed off of the wing. He’s got good top end speed and nice acceleration to get him going, plus his piercing wrist shot is dangerous.
Potential: Middle 6 Winger
Possibility: Unlikely

D Slava Demin – Wenatchee Wild, BCHL
Demin plays a very solid and safe defensive game, among some of the best in the draft. His offense leaves a little to be desired, but he is a good passer. Shooting the puck more is one improvement he needs to make, his shot isn’t that bad. His positional awareness is very strong and uses his size and physicality to scare off defenders.
Potential: #5 Defenseman
Possibility: Likely

C Luka Burzan – Brandon Wheat Kings, WHL
Burzan got some more ice time after his trade from Moose Jaw to Brandon and showcased his two way potential well. He uses a strong hockey IQ and skating ability to read plays and react to help his team out on both ends of the ice.
Potential: Middle 6 Center
Possibility: Unlikely


Here are some players that can be picked up in rounds 4-6 and really produce some high potential players if developed properly.

C/LW Jonathan Gruden – USNTDP
Johnny has picked up some fans with his solid 60 pont year. Gruden is a relentless, hard working player who chases after the puck until he gets it. A solid playmaker who can pick out a pass with high end vision and uses his speed to set up opportunities. He’s 6’0 and grown his frame so he can put on some muscle and improve his wrist shot when he finally joins Miami in the NCAA next year.

LW Linus Nyman – Lukko, Liiga
Is Linus a secret anymore? No, not really. he is still a risky pick though. He’s an evasive two way player who is very versatile, playing around on all offensive positions and producing points everywhere. Playing in the Liiga next year should be a big challenge for him, but I’m expecting a Petrus Palmu sort of season from him as he asserts himself. Nyman could be taken in the middle rounds, but has been passed on before after a productive season.

D Dennis Busby – Flint Firebirds, OHL
Dennis has seen a fractured collorbone ruin his draft year and his stock to the point where he’s viewed as a late round pick. based on skill I had him pencilled into my 2nd round before the yesr but he ended up refracturing it again only 2 games into his return midway through the season. Dennis posseses high level silky skating and has shown a glimpse of offensive skill last year.

RW German Grachyov – Almaz Cherepovets, MHL
Looks like Artemi Panarin.. Plays like Artemi Panarin… Maybe he is Artemi Panarin?? The 5’9 right winger has the same sleek and skilled playing style of the Columbus Blue Jackets top line winger, and we all know what style can succeed. 63 points in 64 games but overlook due to size and stature as a late 99′ kid. Grachyov could be a hidden gem.

D Spencer Stastney – Notre Dame, NCAA
Stastney is a 5’10, left handed defenseman on his way to Notre Dame. He split time with the USNTDP and USHL but put up solid offensive numbers at both teams, mostly on assists with tape to tape passes through traffic. Stastney also brings a solid defensive game and can be classified as a steal if developed well at Notre Dame and turned into a bottom pair or fringe 2nd pair defenseman.

Deep Sleepers:

Here’s some guys that could potentially go undrafted, but have the potential to be solid NHL players if everything goes to plan.

C/RW Cedric Desruisseaux – Drummondville Voyageurs, QMJHL
The tiny 5’8 French Canadian center Desruisseaux was overlooked because of size and should be available late in the draft for selection. He popped out 46 points and is one of the best pure 5v5 scorers in the league using his speed, puck handling, and nice wrist shot to bury away goals with conviction all season long. If St Louis can do it, why can’t Cedric?

D Christian Lindberg – IK Oskarshamn, Allsvenskan
Lindberg is a 6’1 left handed defenseman who holds some solid potential. Listed as undrafted by most, Lindberg was a great point producer and goal scorer in the J20’s, using a nice shot and solid two way game. His time in the second tier of men’s hockey has been a learning experience as he learns to defend men with low level ice time. Lindberg holds some NHL potential if he breaks out in the next few years for sure.

D Michael Callahan – Youngstown Phantoms, USHL
Callahan is a 6’1 left handed defenseman who has a nice fram to build on. In the USHL Michael has shown nice promise with solid offense and good defense. 18 points is decent for Callahan as he got better as the season progressed. He’ll be heading off to Providence College next year for some advanced development in becoming a solid two way defenseman.

LW/RW Pavel Shen – Salavat Yulaev Ufa, KHL
Pavel is a Russian overager that posseses slick skill and provides a vesitile presence to his team, playing both wings and using his wheels to create chaos. He’s grown a bit to 6’1 and should be a little more tantalizing for teams to select. He started playing in the KHL this year and scored 2 goals, he’ll look to build off that for next year.

LW Jack Randl – Omaha Lancers, USHL
Randl is an incredibly underrated scorer who hasn’t really received much attention for his record over the last while. Jack scored 20 goals in the USHL this year and looks to show his worth and dangerous wrist shot with Quinn Hughes and Michigan next year. Look for Randl to have a great 2nd year in the NCAA and burst onto the scene.

101. C Jacob Pivonka
102. RW Samuel Fagemo
103. D Slava Demin
104. C Luka Burzan
105. C/LW Jonathan Gruden
106. LW Linus Nyman
107. D Dennis Busby
108. RW German Grachyov
109. D Spencer Stastney
110. C Carl Wassenius
111. C Curtis Douglas
112. LW Alexander Steeves
113. D Jacob Ragnarsson
114. D Toni Utunen
115. RW/C Yegor Sokolov
116. D Xavier Bernard
117. RW Riley Sutter
118. D Nico Gross
119. C Damien Giroux
120. RW Kirill Nizhnikov
121. LW Jackson Leppard
122. RW Ryan Savage
123. C Logan Hutsko
124. C Colin Schmidt
125. C Riley Stotts
126. D Carter Robertson
127. RW Nikolai Kovalenko
128. D Danila Zhuravlyov
129. LW Kristof Hrabik
130. D Joey Keane
131. C Brady Hinz
132. RW Nikita Rtischev
133. RW Jack Perbix
134. RW Matthew Grouchy
135. LW Liam Kirk
136. C/LW Justin Almeida
137. D Ondrej Buchtela
138. LW Angus Crookshank
139. C Matthias Emilio Pettersen
140. LW/C Lukas Wernblom
141. D Chase Hartje
142. RW Lenni Killinen
143. C Eric Florchuk
144. D Owen Lalonde
145. D Christian Lindberg
146. D Michael Callahan
147. LW Karel Plasek
148. C Cedric Desrusseaux
149. RW Michal Kvasnica
150. D Alexander Romanov
151. D Juuso Ketola
152. D Wyatte Wylie
153. D Tim Berni
154. RW Einar Emanuelsson
155. D Decaln Chisholm
156. D Saku Vesterinen
157. LW Jack Jensen
158. D Miska Kukkonen
159. C/RW Austin Wong
160. D Caleb Everett
161. RW Martin Pospisil
162. D Connor Corcoran
163. D Michal Ivan
164. RW Arttu Nevasaari
165. C Tyler Popowich
166. D Santeri Salemla
167. RW/C Patrick Giles
168. D Austin Chorney
169. C Gavun Hain
170. C Nathan Smith
171. D Anton Malyshev
172. D Bogdan Zhilyakov
173. C Adam Gajarsky
174. C/LW Johan Sodergren
175. LW David Levin
176. C Connor Roberts
177. D Michael Kesselring
178. LW/C Nikita A. Rozhkov
179. LW Jack Randl
180. LW/RW Pavel Shen
181. C Samuel Bitten
182. D Libor Zabransky
183. D Marc Del Gaizo
184. RW Brodi Stuart
185. D Radim Salda
186. C Jack DeBoer
187. C Paul Cotter
188. LW Jake Gricius
187. C Mitchell Hoelscher
188. D Merrick Rippon
189. C Mikhail Bitsadze
190. C Andrej Kukuca
191. D Zach Malik
192. LW Gustav Lindberg
193. C Yegor Sharangovich
194. LW Matej Blumel
195. RW Gillian Kohler
196. LW Simon Appelqvist
197. RW Pavel Rotenberger
198. D Sean Comrie
199. D Max Crozier
200. C/LW Emil Oskanen
201. C Brett Kemp
202. D Tomas Dajcar
203. C Tristen Nielsen
204. LW Samuel Bucek
205. RW Jeremi Gerber
206. D Brady Lyle
207. D Gleb Babintsev
208. D Tyler Tucker
209. C Adam McMaster
210. D Jack Lagerstrom
211. C David Lilja
212. D Christian Krygier
213. LW Oliver Okuliar
215. C Marcus Bjork
216. RW Devlin McCabe
217. D Adam McCormickG

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